What now?

When bad things happen, we instinctively want to know why. It’s as though we believe that the answer to that question will somehow make the experience go away or possibly bring back what was lost. It is often a manifestation of denial.

Why did I get sick? Why did I lose my job? Why did my marriage fail? Why me? The truth is that a thousand good answers to those questions will not erase your experience or recover anything that you lost. Additionally, the questions we ask ourselves will elicit and determine our emotional state, so that some of our questions are plunging us deeper into discouragement, depression and despair.

The best question to ask is: what now? This question focuses your attention on an appropriate response to the situation. It accepts that a bad thing happened and then looks for the good you can bring out of it. It puts you in control of what’s next and activates a subconscious search for options, solutions and opportunities. What is the situation forcing you to become or to do? What change does the situation demand of you? What will you do differently next time? What lessons can you learn from the experience?

These are transformational questions because the answers will set you in motion towards better outcomes.  Why – is a stagnant question because it induces an argument and not an action! Our quest for answers is valid and noble but never at the expense of progress! Think about it #why #answers #progress #whatnow

My thoughts on the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic was and is BAD, but it forced us all to focus on a new set of priorities. It forced us to do some GOOD things. Things we should have done a long time ago.  

  1. It forced us all into cyberspace 
  2. It forced us to learn new skills
  3. It forced us to actively enquire after each other’s welfare
  4. It forced us to consider and care for the most vulnerable in our community
  5. It forced us to focus on the family
  6. It forced us to cultivate a personal relationship with God, considering the fact that our own people couldn’t visit us at home or in a hospital.  
  7. It forced us to build a sanctuary of praise and worship in our own homes
  8. It forced us to priorities our own health, fitness and mortality
  9. It forced us to review and re-imagine our businesses
  10. It forced us to employ hybrid business solutions that included a digital and physical version of the organisation 
  11. It forced us to update our theologies and philosophies 
  12. It forced us to ask and answer difficult questions 

Force is a kingdom principle. Joseph never went to Egypt because of his dreams. He went because he was forced to. Passion pulls us, while pressure pushes us. Either way, we are set in motion and with that motion comes momentum. Think about it #pandemic #progress #motion #momentum #newday #newway