Why coaching is dying?

I know some successful coaches are screaming blue murder right now at the title of my article. But to be fair this article isn’t for you. It’s not for coaches who are full time, living the dream and practising their passion on a daily basis. Instead spare a thought for the millions worldwide who invested their last in a coaching course or a speaker qualification only find that that they have no way of making back their initial investment let alone a full time income from the coaching space.

Also please spare a thought for those who thought that writing a book or producing multiple ebooks would secure them a full time income for life. Let alone the thousands they spent upgrading their social media and marketing skills.

These people feel defeated and even betrayed by the promise of a fulfilling. career with time and mobility freedoms.

I want to explain to you why you are in this state; I.e. you’re qualified, you are good and doing what you do, you even have a following online but are still miles away from being full time in the business you love.

The reason you are where you are has nothing to do with your qualifications, skills, experience or marketing techniques. The reason you are where you are is that YOUR OFFERS ARE TOO SMALL! Yes you are still making low-value offers, to low dependency prospects at low value price points. Your funnel is faulty and your products are underpriced.

I know why. You’re scared that you will run people away or that you’ll get sued for over charging or that you’re not good enough to charge the right prices.

Watch this video for more…https://businessbishop.com/high-value-offers/

Before you do; here’s a nugget: Are you charging for what you do, or for what you get done? If you can secure a transformation, liberation or emancipation for your client through your own knowledge, skills, experience and expertise, then what are your solutions worth to the end user? Stop selling what you do and start selling what you can get done!

I’m taking 12 on a one-month immersion experience on how to make high value offers to high dependency prospects at high value price-points. even if you’re new to the business you can still get on the fast track to full-time in no time using my irresistible formula.

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