Start where you are, with what you have

Many people are waiting for things to cool down, normalise and stabilise before going back to work on their God-given dreams. This is a bad idea for the following reason:

Chaos is the cradle of creativity! You are no more creative than when you are in a crisis. In the beginning, God brought order out of chaos, light out of the dark and the beautiful out of the ugly. He didn’t bring order out of order! The truth is that all great things come out of a crisis. For example:

  • The Exodus came out of a crisis in Egypt 
  • Salvation came out of the crisis of the Cross.
  • The early church expanded as the result of the persecution and scattering of believers.  

What some consider to be the worst time to start, may in fact be the very best time to start! 

In business, an innovation comes out of a frustration with the status quo. The truth is that we only ever start looking for something new when the old collapses or simply doesn’t work anymore. Likewise, we only ever find the will to build a new reality when the pain of the OLD outweighs the potential pain of pursuing the NEW! 

Necessity is the mother of invention because the difficulty, adversity and uncertainty forces us to review, re-imagine and re-invent the things that no longer work. If it no longer works, we must find something that does!

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