We deliver on the innovative aspirations of our clients.

We are a group of consultants in management, technology and business innovations. Bishop Wayne (The business bishop) identified a gap in the market for companies and organisations who are challenged with innovation. He likewise identified an opportunity for the courageous to implement disruptive solutions in key industries. The global pandemic has presented companies with a simple choice: innovate or die. The goal posts have moved and the game has changed in many sectors.  Hybrid (digital and physical) solutions are no longer optional, they are now critical success factors in every field. 

If you can see it, you can be it!

The Business Bishop Promise BenefitsOutcomes

This could be the partnership you prayed for...


Strategic and operational adjustments can grow your business if based on accurate interpretations of market conditions. We can help!


Develop and implement a hybrid solution (digital & physical) for your business or organisation. We can help!


We can help clarify your key performance indicators and install performance enhancing solutions that are both efficient and effective.


The operational structure of your organisation may be outdated. We can perform a health check and strategic review of processes and personnel.


Our team of consultants are not paid for their work; they are paid for getting results. Let us assemble a team around your dream.


BB Consulting is committed to excellence in customer service. Our clients are part of our family and can rely on us for support

The Partner You Silently Prayed For...

The Business Bishop Team TeamTeam

The Business Bishop has identified and verified a number of expert consultants, free-lancers and service providers who work under his skilful and ethical project management to deliver results for our clients. With the Business Bishop you do not pay for our work; you pay for results! Here are some of the fields in which we have experience and expertise.

Human Resources
Software Development
Real Estate
Film Production
Media campaigns
Corporate Finance
Corporate Training
Web and App Development


Expert Consultants


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Technology from tomorrow

4C Consulting Expertise SkillsSpecialisations

There are a few things that we are really good at. They include:

Create your App

Our expert team can create your App and bring your business direct to consumers.

Media solutions

We can create your adds, programs and documentaries. Our media buyer can deliver best rates for broadcasting on any channel.

Marketing solutions

We specialise in marketing strategy, branding, campaigns, copywriting and direct sales solutions.

Professional Development

We provide professional development solutions for up-skilling your team.

A credible partner with credible partners readyto partner with you for measurable results!

If you are seeking a solution, result or outcome rather than a product or service, then we are on the same page. Our products and services are a means to that end!