Inspirational Teacher

The Business Bishop delivers bespoke workshops and seminars on critical skills for organisations and teams including:

Emotional intelligence
NLP strategies
Public speaking
Situational leadership
Marketing and sales
Coaching solutions
Stress management
Personal and corporate branding


Subject Expertise

His speaking agenda and subject expertise includes:

Biblical leadership and business strategies – for faith based audiences
Applied metaphysics – the cause and effect relationship between thoughts and things.
Innovation imperatives
Success sciences
Managerial sciences
Problem solving
Personal development
Organisational evolutions


The preacher's preacher

Book the Business Bishop for your church convention, conference, workshops or retreats. The Bishop is considered an eminent theologian, with a doctorate in theology, who has a way with words. Bishop Wayne specialises in the application of Scripture to modern challenges in life. He is spearheading a global campaign for the mass migration (psychologically) of believers into the marketplace as change agents and Christ’s ambassadors.