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Virtually every spiritual, philosophical and religious tradition agrees that: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS AND THINGS ARE THOUGHTS! This means that before you can materialise an idea, you must value it as a real thing that exists within the realm of human potential.....

Just testing the editing features of this theme to see what I can do. Main thing is that BB is a Business and executive coach who applies ancient wisdom to maximise opportunities and optimise performance.

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New Book From Wayne Malcolm

Available December 2021
The New Game was written in response to the global recession brought on my the credit crunch in 2008. This second edition offers hope to those were economically displaced by the pandemic by presenting an entrepreneurial blueprint and template for launching a business from home.

Executive coaching

Clarity, Conviction and Courage
With clarity, conviction and courage, you can manifest your destiny and create a generational legacy.

Identify your values and goals

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Move past your blind spots

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Establish work and life balance

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Learning how to Manage stress

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To be in service is to be a leader and Bishop Wayne Malcolm is a servant leader working tirelessly in contribution to the collective personal & professional growth of those of us in the marketplace. Truly the Business Bishop of the People. I credit him with unlocking me into becoming one with my unique gift, purpose & divine calling – Kamil O., Connectologist & CEO, Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD)

Kamil O

Kamil O

CEO - MIPAD Global

BWM facilitated leadership training for us and really opened up my teams mind about the different leadership styles. Training was brilliant with staff saying it was the best personal development training they have had. We will be getting him in again very soon

Mervin Cato

Mervin Cato

Behaviour Support Service

He is a man that lives what he preaches & teaches. The value he adds to the lives he comes in contact with is evident when listening to those peoples stories & seeing how much they have grown & experienced more success as a result of knowing him. He has great vision, passion & fully deserves the Business Bishop nickname!

Mark Prince OBE

Mark Prince OBE


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