The EPIC Networks

Extraordinary People Impacting Communities


The Business Bishop is on a mission to empower career-called believers, through a Global Network of Local Networks. These networks exist to:

  • Distribute faith-based success education
  • Generate relational currency for members
  • Develop marketplace leaders
  • Share Knowledge and Opportunity
  • Create regional mastermind groups

An Epic Network is a bank! A bank of knowledge, skills, experience and expertise! It trades in relational currency, motivational psychology and success-skills education. The objective is to build the capacity of our members to lead their in own field.

The benefits of membership include:

  1. Spiritual covering and workplace chaplaincy
  2. Connection with like-minded believers in your city
  3. Mastermind sessions and group study
  4. Beta testing new products

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The EPIC networks exist for believers who sense a call to the marketplace as a thought leader, value creator, a decision maker, trail blazer or a bar raising problem solver in their chosen fields. To launch an Epic Network in your city, subscribe as a partner from our ‘Membership’ page.